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Neika Simone started singing, as did many artists, in her hometown church’s youth choir. Her parents took notice of her interest in music and enrolled her in piano lessons at the age of 7. That was a wise move as music would become a driving force in her life. Neika Simone became a classically trained pianist and vocalist and began writing music as a teenager. Upon high school graduation, Neika Simone attended Elizabeth City State University where she earned a B.A. degree in Music (piano). She later attended Norfolk State University and graduated with a Master of Music Education degree (voice).Over the years, Neika Simone’s love for jazz grew. She was inspired most by the phenomenal Ella Fitzgerald and many of her contemporaries. As she continued to develop her skills, she began performing with bands such as Left Turn Right Dance Band and Fouray. It was during that time she found her place in the sounds of smooth jazz and began to sing and write music for this genre. Neika Simone’s song lyrics are inspired by her experiences, future hopes, and desires. Currently, Neika Simone is not only a songwriter and performer; she is also a music teacher who enjoys teaching chorus, voice and piano. She and her husband reside in the Richmond, Virginia area.


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